Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Memories of THE DOOR

A few days ago I happened to be looking over a pile of old magazines when I happened upon several copies of The Wittenburg Door.  I miss this magazine very much and began contributing when I was a seminary student back in the mid 1980's.  

A few years before the magazine went defunct, I was told by then editor Bob Darden that, outside of Mike Yaconelli (the founding editor) and one or two others, I had been writing for the magazine for nearly twenty years.  As memory served, I had also contributed one piece about a national Christian conference that had angered one of the featured speakers--Tony Campolo.  So I guess I did my job with the satire.

Looking back, I had written satirical pieces about Christian dating websites (like shooting fish in a barrel), little-known saints, famous theologians, various Christian televangelists of the day, and seminaries.  My last piece, I believe, was about SpongeBob Squarepants--a purely satirical diatribe that elicited several letters to the editor, all from folks who didn't understand why I was attacking a cartoon.

Well . . . I do miss THE DOOR. Wish I could write for that magazine all over again.  A classic.