Sunday, August 24, 2014

Contributor's Copies

2014 has been a rather prolific year for me.  In addition to seeing four books published so far (my fourth being the upcoming The Other Jesus published by Rowman & Littlefield on September 5) I have also written a fair number of essays as a regular contributor to several magazines.  Here I won't equal my output of 2013, but counting upcoming book reviews, I should top out 2014 near the 90 essay mark.

Last week I also received my contributor's copies for two additional books.  (I never count these "other" books in my author totals, as they don't have my name on the cover.)  Both of these, however, were in the health-wellness genre and were essays that I had written with Becky.

We actually sat down last week and re-read these essays . . . and neither of us could recall writing them.  But we must have!  There they were, in print, with our names in the by-line.  That's what a year will do to old minds!  

While some people never kiss and tell, we write and don't remember.  

Now these other two contributor's copies sit on my shelves alongside the many others that contain some portion of my work.  (I've lost count of these as well.)

But I do like contributor's copies.  Always have.  I just can't so no when an editor calls. Just like I can't so no to Becky.

Or, at least, I can't remember the last time I did.


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