Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nome De Plume

Just published, my first novel under my Nome De Plume . . . R.L. Perry.  Hot off the press and available now through or  

Some years ago it became apparent to me that I was writing far more material than my name could carry into publication.  And so, with the help of my publisher, Tom, we hit upon the idea of my writing under a Nome De Plume.  But what name?

I suggested several, including Cornelius MacGillicudy, Eustace Von Coldcream IV, or Lady Godiva.  But these didn't seem to fit.  Eventually we settled upon a combination of my wife's initials (R.L.) and my maternal grandmother's maiden name (Perry).  And hence, R.L. Perry was birthed.

And so is my first Nome De Plume novel:  Slay Bells.  This mystery/romance featuring female sleuth and funeral director, Mary Christmas, is the first of a projected twelve novels in a series.  I'm looking forward to writing the other eleven . . . and if I write one a year, I'll be 67 years old when I complete the dozen.

Naturally, this makes me ponder some of life's deeper questions, such as:

What was I thinking?
Can I write one novel a year in addition to my other books, essays, short stories, poems and book reviews?
Will R.L. Perry be a success?
At age 67, will I be taking my nourishment through a straw?

Anyway, in the event my readers would enjoy something different (sizzling romance and mystery/mayhem) I hope I will be able to deliver . . . especially writing in a female voice.  Perhaps Father Andrew Greeley would be proud.

I am especially hopeful that other women will find my romance compelling, especially since my wife will never read these and as she always says, "You know nothing about romance anyway."  Well, we'll see.  I have a feeling these sexy little holiday mystery novels will catch on . . . and with a name like Mary Christmas . . . heck, my wife might even make me dinner.

Yours in pseudonym, love and mystery . . . 
~R. L. Perry

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