Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Beginning, A Middle & An End

Photo: (Wine tour, Northern California, July 2015)

Last week Becky and I heard Joyce Carol Oates speak at Clowes Hall, Butler. A remarkable experience as she read for an hour from her new memoir and afterwards entertained questions. Although nominated several times for awards such as the Pulitzer and National Book Awards, and having authored more than 150 titles, I doubt that 1% of the American population have heard of this remarkable wordsmith. 

Ah, but such is the life of a writer.

In the course of her talk, Oates noted that she is always working on various books, stories or essays . . . all in various states of dress or undress.  Writers who write every day know the drill.

Last week I completed a manuscript for InterVarsity Press--a book to be entitled The Seven Deadly Virtues.  It will be published some time in 2016.  That's an end for me (or perhaps a fresh start, depending upon how one looks at it, as now I can begin another book).

I'm also in the middle of finalizing a final draft version of a novel written over a year ago . . . but it should be out in a week or two.  Middle?  End?

And I have two or three new stories that I'm working on, each in the beginning stages of production . . . work that is seeking clarity and direction in the wee hours of the night (or is it morning?) when I am hammering away at the keys in the dark. 

Right now, Becky and I are enjoying our publishing foray into the world of wines (Indiana Wineries, Blue River Press) and some of the appearances and signings that will afford us a chance to meet the public and scratch our names onto the title page. It is always important to have fun while it lasts . . . as all good things eventually come to an end. 

So until the next beginning. . . 


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