Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Week's Worth of Work

Writers often discover success like bananas--in bunches.  And this past week was an interesting, and eclectic bunch, for sure.

In addition to completing a few new essays for submission in 2016, some of my older essays found their way to readerships at YouthWorker and elsewhere. I was also overjoyed when two editors said "yes" to some of my poems--all of which were fast-tracked to publications before year end.  

And then there's science fiction. A couple of week's ago I had a nod from an editor in London (thanks, Adam) who has been very kind to me over the years, accepting my short story "The Superannuated Man".  Last week I placed a second story, "The Last Man on Earth", in a newer publication.

Often, it takes weeks like this to keep a writer writing . . . but that's part of the struggle and the fun.  Nothing comes easy.  

It is also fun to ask:  "What's next?"  Much yet to write.  

And eating a banana now and then doesn't hurt, either.
~Todd Outcalt

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